Vodafone data down, affecting WhatsApp and iMessage

Vodafone data is down for some phone fans this afternoon, affecting services including WhatsApp and iMessage.

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EE 4G lands in UK airports as two million customers sign up

EE more than doubled its 4G customers at the end of last year, and is reaching even more people including travellers at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

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Bad customer service has phone fans looking to ditch their network

Shoddy customer service is the main reason many phone users ditch their network, even more important than price.

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HTC M8 launch date set for 25 March

The HTC One M8 launches on 25 March, meaning there’s only a month to wait before we meet the phone that could transform HTC’s fortunes.

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Nokia X Android phone gets closer in latest leaked shot

With less than a week before Nokia’s Android phone is revealed, the Nokia X has surfaced in another leaked photo.

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Motorola Moto X review

The Motorola Moto X is a solid all-round phone, but it doesn’t offer enough over the much cheaper Moto G.

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Titanfall creator criticises Xbox One's 'twitchy' controller

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is “overly twitchy”, according to one of the creators of forthcoming game Titanfall, but Microsoft has acted fast to fix it.

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Google says Motorola deal was 'a success', plans more 'big bets'

Google’s boss of buying and selling companies insists that the Motorola deal was a “success”, despite taking a bath on the sale price.

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Xbox One Stereo Headset coming in March

Whisper sweet nothings in the ears of button-bashing buddies anywhere in the world with the new Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset.

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Flappy Bird flies again online, flies free of your phone

Flappy Bird flies again! The hugely popular flappy app has flown the coop from app stores but has taken wing online.

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