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Review: SteelSeries H Wireless headset

Spending $300 for a dedicated gaming headset is no small commitment; after all, that’s not far off from the price of a current-gen console. The Astro A50 gaming headset has been the standard thus far on the wireless end of the premium headset pool, with killer sound, great range, and wide device compatibility, despite inconsistent battery life and challenging interface.SteelSeries makes a strong play for the throne with the H Wireless Gaming Headset, another $300 offering that’s understated in design, but nicely refined and fits comfortably during long play sessions. And it addresses our complaints with its aforementioned competitor, offering not one, but two interchangeable 20-hour battery packs and a host of cables for setting up its OLED display-toting transmitter with a slick visual interface.Luckily, the SteelSeries H also lives up to its premium designation when it comes to audio quality, with clear, powerful 7.1 Dolby Digital virtual surround sound. Stellar mid-range performance and crisp highs are a highlight, only offset by slightly subdued bass power and the occasional wish for a bit more volume on the high end.No doubt, SteelSeries’ wireless headset has an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of feel to it, bundling in an array of niceties and perks for its rich asking price, but if you’re willing to spend the cash, it delivers a superb gaming experience.DesignThe SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset isn’t the sleekest headset we’ve used, but we like that it’s less fussed-over than the Astro A50’s design (with its open slats and exposed wiring). Call it utilitarian, but the understated design here makes a nice impression, and it feels lighter than your average large headset, which helps in the long run.It fits snugly and stays firm in […]

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All Three's 8m customers are now on a 4G tariff

Three has announced all its customers are now on a 4G tariff, with the service available in 36 large towns and cities.

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Hands-on review: MWC 2014: Samsung Gear 2 Neo

The Gear 2 Neo is the second in Samsung’s range newest generation of wrist-based devices and arguably the better of the two.It’s annoying that the issue of price still hasn’t been addressed, but given that it’s running a lower spec than the main Gear 2 we’d expect it to be a little cheaper. If that’s the case then Samsung could be on to a winner here, as it could really be part of a product portfolio that resonates with consumers.The design is very similar to that of the Gear 2, with the same 1.63-inch screen and 320×320 resolution on a Super AMOLED screen. The differences between this and the main Gear 2 are very subtle, but in my mind are needed to make Samsung relevant in the smartwatch game.The camera is gone, for starters, and that’s a great thing. Samsung’s kept the technology on the Gear 2, but has wrapped it into the bezel of the device, which made me wonder how this would be cut out on the Neo.Well, it turns out pretty easily, and it’s dropped a few grams from the weight. The result is a more refined look at the top of the device, and not one that I think really does detract from the overall design. If anything, the single dot at the top of the Gear 2 Neo (which is the infra red blaster for controlling your TV) looks more subtle and refined.What does detract, and is probably the only early negative on the Gear 2 Neo (until we actually find out the price of the wrist-dweller) is the fact it’s made out of plastic around the bezel, the other element that helps to bring down the weight. Where the […]

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Secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S5: MWC daily round-up

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. We’ve uncovered a ton of goodies at Mobile World Congress, including secrets of Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

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Hands-on review: MWC 2014: LG F70

The LG F70 is the Korean firm’s first push into producing more affordable 4G handsets, something which many manufacturers are doing at MWC 2014.LG hasn’t announced the price of the F70, but the handset is confirmed to arrive in Europe in the coming months.In terms of design the LG F70 takes cues from the flagship G2, although LG has decided against on screen navigation keys, instead choosing to stick a physical home button below the display, flanked by touch sensitive back and menu options.The power/lock button is located on the right of the F70, while the volume switch is on the left and both are easy to hit.The lightweight, plastic build of the F70 feels sturdy, although the rear cover offers little in the way of grip, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a firm hold of the phone.It is a little on the chunky side too, measuring in at 127.2 x 66.4 x 10mm, but the rounded edges means the F70 still sits nicely in the hand.A 4.5-inch display dominates the front of the LG F70, although its 800 x 480 resolution is a little disappointing as I’m now starting to see 720p options arriving towards the bottom end of the market.That said, text is still perfectly legible on the F70, but if you look closely you can see that it’s a little on the grainy side.The main selling point of the F70 however is it’s 4G connectivity at a lower price point, although I was unable to test out just how quick it could access the web during my short time playing with the device.I was pleased to find Android 4.4 KitKat installed on the F70, the latest flavour of Google’s […]

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Hands-on with Sony's SmartBand: MWC daily round-up

As well as Sony’s SmartBand, today at MWC saw Motorola reveal it’ll release a smart watch later this year.

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Hands-on review: MWC 2014: ZTE Grand Memo 2 LTE

The original Grand Memo arrived at last year’s MWC, so it makes perfect sense that ZTE is rebooting its phablet one year on with the Grand Memo 2 LTE.The Grand Memo 2 builds on its predecessor, growing its screen from 5.7 to a full 6-inches, putting it on par with the Lumia 1520 and above the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max.The 6.44-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra still rules the roost in terms of size though.A big phone needs big power and ZTE has equipped the Grand Memo 2 relatively well, but the 1.2GHz quad-core processor is a little disappointing.You also get 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, microSD slot and a sizable 3200mAh battery ZTE claims will last for 15 days in standby.Battery life may actually be alright on the Grand Memo 2 as it’s not rocking a full HD display. Instead you’ve got to make do with a 1280 x 720 resolution, which doesn’t look particularly amazing stretched over such a large area.The handset itself doesn’t ooze premium quality either, with a cheap plastic finish highlighting the Grand Memo 2 may well be one of the more affordable big screen phones around.At first look the Grand Memo 2 does appear to be a relatively premium device, but pick it up and you’ll notice the overly plastic body and buttons that rattle inside the chassis.This does mean that the Grand Memo 2 is surprisingly light, making it slightly easier to hold in one hand, although I still had to stretch my fingers across the device.For the most part I’d recommend a two handed grip on the Memo 2, just to be on the safe side.There’s good news in the fact ZTE […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is official: MWC daily round-up

Samsung lifts the lid on the Galaxy S5, BlackBerry launches two smarties, and Panasonic has a tough new tablet, all at Mobile World Congress.

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Hands-on review: MWC 2014: Jolla Phone

In today’s Android and iOS-dominated market, Jolla’s ambition in putting out an “indie” operating system might seem a risky move to most, but it’s hugely refreshing.Jolla is the creation of a few ex-Nokia bods who decided to go it alone when the company abandoned MeeGo for Windows Phone. As far as Nokia was concerned, the Nokia N9 was the the birth and death of that Linux-based operating system.Jump forward to now and we’re holding what many would consider the N9’s spiritual successor. It’s pleasing in the hand, nicely weighted and compact in design, with a 4.5-inch, 540 x 960 display. Chugging along inside is a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Throw in an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facer, and you’ve got yourself a nice little proposition for €399.But beyond the surface-level specs and bog standard slab shape, Jolla has added some of its own personality to the handset. The phone is actually formed of two “halves”, with an interchangeable backplate.It’s not just about making your Jolla Phone look nicer though. The backplates also include NFC, which will cause the OS to morph depending on what you attach. We were shown an Angry Birds backplate that gave the UI a unique touch of the avian variety, while another changed the colour themes of the Jolla’s unique OS.That OS is Sailfish, a Linux-based system inspired by MeeGo. With Sailfish, Jolla wanted to create an OS that was perfect for one-hand operation, and indeed there are no buttons – not even capacitive – to be found on the handset.That’s because Jolla wants your thumb to become the home button, each swipe a different function depending on its direction. Swipe from left […]

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Nokia X is official, and Samsung Gear 2: MWC daily round-up

Nokia has launched a range of Android-powered phones, Samsung has two new smart watches, and Sony’s gone all waterproof on us.

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